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28th June 2016

How Your Onsite Copy Can Reflect Your Passions as Well as Your Business?

For some of you out there, writing onsite copy is no doubt seen as a necessary evil. Why would you want to spend your precious time writing about what you do, rather than getting on and doing it?
Well, there are a couple of answers to that question. Firstly, the widely reported benefits of onsite copy creation in terms of online marketing are numerous. From attaining higher Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs), to creating content (that people actually want to read) to be shared across social media platforms and to make your website stand out from the rest by offering something of value to your customers.

retro formula one
Another answer is that it gives you the chance to show the human aspect of your business. That you are a person (or a group of people) who are genuinely interested in what you do, even to the extent of having opinions that you want to share! A great way to show this more personal side is to include aspects of your other passions into your writing. I’m sure if you have read through this blog, that I’m a fan of Formula One and it’s a good example of how an interest can be incorporated into your onsite copy.
One word of advice though is to remember to keep it in line with the tone of the website, suitable for all ages and not to take it too far! If your writing for a financial site, then topics such as cricket and rugby maybe more appropriate than discussing the latest WWF match or clubbing scene of your town. Yet, on sports or fashion sites, these topics maybe just what your audience is looking for. As it’s a business site, no one wants to come across a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) post, they just won’t be expecting it. So don’t do it (unless your site has a specific requirement). And finally, remember that you are writing the piece to add value to your site, not to create a 1200-word diatribe on why cats are far superior to dogs (in all most everyway)!  Keep the additions light and thematic, perhaps to illustrate a point. For more information about the content services offered by Ponya, click here.

21st June 2016

Olympic Themed Topical Content for 2016

On the 5th of August 2016, the Rio Olympics begin, with all the excitement and suspense that comes with the gathering of the world’s top athletes.  While they are no doubt deep in their preparations for the upcoming games, is your business? Have you planned your Olympics based topical content, to take advantage in the surge of interest and national pride?

race-801940_1280 (1)
In the United Kingdom, after London hosted the games in 2012, there began a sustained presence of national pride throughout UK media platforms. Probably spurred by the GB team actually doing rather well. This was supported by events such as the Royal Wedding, the Prince’s birth and more recently the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations.  As such one approach to take with your topical content could be to pick up the theme of patriotism and the notion of “Great” Britain. With the Brexit vote imminent, it could also be a way to align your brand with the continued notion of the United Kingdom, regardless of the way the vote turns out.

Another approach to topical content would be to match it to the games directly. The Virgin Media fibre optic broadband adverts featuring Usian Bolt, are a great example of this. They equate the speed of their broadband services to his. Or the addition of Jessica Ennis and Jenson Button (ok, not an Olympian but a firm fave here) to the roster of clean cut stars promoting the banking services of Santander, aligning their brand with working hard and getting results. Depending on your niche and client base, how blatant you want to be in the connection will vary. In some instances, following the Virgin example of direct comparison could work well. Perhaps for delivery companies or other time sensitive services. This often works well combined with humour rather than a literal comparison.
A less direct approach could be to write about how your products/ services could be useful in relation to the games. So if you sell toys, picnic items or food produce you could write about creating your own mini games for your family. Or a content provider, could pitch that with their fixed price content packages, they could take the hassle out of creating topical content in relation to the upcoming Olympic games. Just an idea.

7th June 2016

Why Should You Write Topical Content?

When it comes to planning your content creation strategy, you need to take into account a number of things. Such as, who is it aimed at or what purpose is it for? Another question is, do you try and make it evergreen or topical content?

Evergreen content, as the name would suggest, is written so that that the piece is always useful. So our previous article “H2 tags. Why? What?”, would be a good example, as there are no dates within to age the piece. Whereas this piece is an example of topical content, as I am shortly going to make a segue into hashtags.
So today (06/06/16) #operawithfoodinthetitle was trending in the UK. Why? Well, there probably was a more valid reason than this, but I blame the oddly hot weather (it’s just not what you expect in the UK). This hashtag provoked a flurry of witty tweets and pictures, the image below Is the Royal Opera taking advantage of the tag and getting involved in the action.

topical content
The aim being to drive impressions on social media platforms, which in turn drives brand awareness. While latching onto a novelty hashtag, in all reality, drive clicks for many B2B operations, choosing industry relevant opportunities can be a great way to get your brand in front of the right audience. By creating truly topical pieces, you can garner engaged traffic to your website. This means that the users are potentially more likely to convert on their current and hopefully subsequent visits to your site.

By creating a mix of evergreen and topical pieces within your content strategy, you are ensuring that there is a healthy mix of branding awareness and adding value to your audience. Here at Ponya Content, we look to work with our clients to identify the target markets, so that our content can serve the purpose of the wider campaign.