Why Having Bespoke Product Descriptions is a Good Plan

Bespoke product descriptions can add value to your business in a number of different ways. While the SEO connotations of avoiding duplicate content are relevant across all sectors, is user engagement the real benefit?

Duplicate content has long since been recognised as a faux pas for websites trying to secure organic rankings. Yet, it is no doubt tempting to use the supplier’s description when you are faced with updating your database with hundreds of new products for the season. This is especially common among the businesses who opt for the drop shipping model. While you may save time, you will be missing out on a fabulous opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition. In the world of drop shipping, where there is heavy product overlap, creating unique product descriptions could set you apart.


As stated, being unique in your overall onsite copy will be seen positively by the search engines. The real value is presenting the product to your audience as opposed to every audience. While suppliers have probably invested time into marketing their product (which you should take advantage of), the demographic of your users is unique. Creating bespoke product description allow you to speak directly to the people you have worked so hard to attract to your site in the first place.

If you’re looking for a popular example of a website that uses bespoke product descriptions to create a personalised impression, IWOOT is a great example. In many respect their product offering is comparable to Ebay or Not on the High Street, but they have taken the time to craft the descriptions to suit their brand. Even going to the lengths of adding an initial at the end of each, hinting at a individual who has tested the product. While that may or may not be the case, it’s a great example of making the product your own and reaching out to your audience.

If you have an ecommerce drop ship website and are looking for a cost effective way to create bespoke product descriptions, contact Ponya Content.

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