Can Content Improve the Search Engine Ranking of Your Website?

So can content help to improve the search engine ranking of a website. The simple answer is yes. But that would make for a very short blog post! So I’ll explain a little bit more.

It could be said that the content need for ranking in Google is and always has been an inherent element. As Google is a Hyper Textual Markup Language (HTML) based system, it uses the text of a website to define what the site is about. The system has long since become more complex than simply editing the meta tags to aid this process, but the underlying premise remains. Most search engines only see text. This includes the coding that creates the very structure of the site and how images and videos are implemented on page. It also includes the content that we as webmasters create for our audiences. It is important, however, that the search engine ranking of your website depends of a wider range of factors. So while have great onsite copy is a boon for SERPs and users, it is only part of a wider number of factors.

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Website content also has to be of a good quality. It is hoped that Webmasters, would strive to make their sites good quality and of use for their visitors as a base standard. Yet, since the introduction of the Google Panda updates in 2011, it has become a mandatory if you are looking to attain any form of decent search engine ranking.

The Panda filter was designed to stop websites with weak content entering the higher pages of the Serps. These sites were described as being shallow and of low quality. The standard example is that of a content farm. Which was simply a website filled with a vast number of articles (often spun and low quality) created solely to manipulate rankings. But the filter applies to all sites, as such you need to offer fresh and relevant content on your website to consistently demonstrate the value of your site to visitors.

At the end of 2015, content was openly acknowledged as a part of Google’s core ranking algorithm. So while this means that the days of waiting to see how a version of a panda update will roll out, it does demonstrate the long term importance of content for search engine ranking.

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