Why a Cumbria Based Content Marketer?

Ponya Content is proud to be a Cumbrian based company. After working for many years in the SEO sector, the opportunity to move with the company to Manchester arose. While Manchester is a great city to visit, one of the best parts of visiting is heading back to the fells. So instead of continuing in the MD role of a growing search agency, the choice to become a content marketer based in Cumbria was made.

Cumbria fells
This is beneficial to the company and thus our clients in a number of ways. There’s the cost implications, in that without having to pay city sized office rates¸ the companies overheads are dramatically reduced. Another plus is that it is another area in which we opt to be different. We live in the digital age and we are undertaking a digitally based provision, so being central is no longer a requirement for good levels of communication. However, in an odd twist, with the changes in employment legislation and the turbulence of the economy, many companies are looking to outsource elements of work. Thus reflecting the “cottage” working style of the pre-industrialised era. Where people used to work from home (i.e spinning) and then the employer would collect and sell the wares.

We aim to use all the benefits of modern technology to create content analysis and communicate with our clients, while retaining the flexibility of the cottage working style approach. To provide quality copy for our clients. As a content marketer, we aim to create pieces that not only reflect the brand and needs of our clients but also appeal to their audience.

If you would like to discuss a copy writing or content analysis project for your business, why not get in touch. We can work with any size of company on an ad hoc or contracted basis.

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