The Freedom of Choice in Startup Business

While Ponya Content is a startup endeavour, we have several years of experience when it comes to running a busy marketing company. So it was surprising to find see how easily it nearly was to succumb to the startup scares.
As a potential client approached us and wanted a large amount of product descriptions done in under a week, my mind started racing about what could be moved to get it done.  Which in the end would have been more or less everything, including family time! That’s when it dawned on me, I still have a choice.
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While it would have been great to pick up the work, it came down to timing. As we strive to produce the best content output that we can, here at Ponya, there simply wasn’t time to do the project justice and retain the quality of work (and our quality of life).  It is a tough choice to make as a start-up, to simply say no to clients. But, from experience being realistic about the situation and politely declining, will often allow you to reach out to the client again in the future.
It can be really tough, in those early months (or years really) to try and keep a sense of the direction of the business and your own limitations. Allowing yourself to make choices that suit both the needs of your business, but also yourself, is key to creating a sustainable business.
Once such choice could be the option to outsource elements of your business. For small companies, it can feel like a wrench to spend money on a task that you could do in-house. However, if the task at hand isn’t what you went into business to do or part of your skill set it could become a time drain. Bookkeeping, HR and marketing are often elements of business that are outsourced (or in the case of the latter two, forgotten).  If you find that writing content for your website has become a chore, then why not make the choice to get in touch with Ponya Content.

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