H2 Tags. Why? What?

So if you have the WordPress Plugin Yoast, then you are probably familiar with the criteria that it sets for its traffic light system. Flesch Reading Ease score, keyword in title and text length being a few of the basics. But the “no subheading elements, like an H2, appear in the copy” can often feel like a contrived requirement; what if your content just flows?

H2 Tags Are Subheadings

This harks back to the html nature of many search engines and websites, as the structure is defined by the coding. So main headings are H1 and sub headings are H2 tags. This means that if a H2 title contains the ideal keyword, it is a small indicator to the search engine spiders that the page is relevant to that term.  You can continue in terms of H numbers in terms of importance for the page but H2 is probably where it stops mattering to the user and it really is the user, that is key.
So why are H2 tags useful other than an artificial breakdown of the page contents? Well users can also benefit from knowing what the various sections of your page is about, especially on long form content pieces. Subheadings in this instance allows them to easily skip ahead to the relevant on-page content that they are after.
h2 tags
On pages rather than posts, the H2 tag takes on a more defined role, for example the H2 of a home page is often the Tag line in the header of the page, rather than a tool for dividing the page. The lower H tags are allocated to different sections of your page, such as prior posts, side bar content and footer notes.  To get more technical than perhaps this blog leans, the ramifications in terms of future best practice and how post titles are tagged in relation to how they are propagated in a feed on the home page of a site. In the form of looking to drive rankings via a blog post, you need to optimise the blog post to the fullest. If you are looking to position the homepage for a term, then simply having a post feed is a questionable methodology.
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