The Impact of Your Voice in Brand and Onsite Content

In the weekly newsletter from the Home Learning College (HLC), this week, we found an interesting piece on the impact of your voice and tips for how to improve yours. The article is framed around three important elements:
• Pitch and Tone
• Speed
• Volume

When it comes to creating onsite content for your website, the crossover in terms of the key elements of “Voice” is unsurprisingly high.

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Pitch and Tone in onsite content

As with all forms of marketing output, your website should convey your wider company branding. In terms of copy, this means that if your brand features a narrative/ conversational style, then your articles should follow suit. Likewise, if your company has a more serious or straight-laced style, then the tone of your work should match. In terms of Pitch, this could be interpreted as ensuring that your site and other sales tools are aligned.

Speed of customer journey

When discussing speed in terms of Voice, the emphasis is in keeping yourself understandable. Getting nervous and speaking so fast that no one understands, rarely sets a good impression. This is one area where onsite content is the opposite of traditional Voice. Internet users (both business and recreationally) are looking to gain access to the information they are looking for, as quickly as possible. So keep your writing concise and use elements such as H2 Tags to make navigation easier for the reader.


The online translation of this one relates to sharing your content. This can be through social media or other forms of outreach. The “louder” you spread your news, the more likely you are to attract users to your website.

As the HLC article concludes, it can often boil down to practising when it comes to honing your online content “Voice”. Try using different techniques to spread your message or create a blog, where a separate tone of voice may open up conversations that you couldn’t have on your main site.

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