How Onsite Copy Can Turn Visitors into Users

The SEO benefits of fresh and relevant onsite copy has long been touted as the key to success for online marketing. However, if you strip away the algorithmic connotations, onsite copy should perform its root function; serving the visitors to your site.  Unless people click onto your website and actually engage with your site, it really doesn’t matter where it ranks or how many followers you have accumulated on social media.

Perhaps I’m showing more of my growing addition with kitchen gadgets than I should; is a wonderful example of an ecommerce website that offers far more than just touting its wares. The recipe section of the website features more tasty treats than you could shake a stick at. However, It’s not just limited to the resources provided to the reader that really shines. In my opinion it’s the attention to detail and personalisation across the website.  After a quick browse of the site, you would be forgiven for thinking that they care.


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This is great onsite copy in action. Engaging the reader, showing expertise and offering a reason to return to the site (in terms of resources and products). These are the hallmarks of a brand. While the sale may not be instant, a return visitor is a highly valuable opportunity.

By turning casual users into actual users of your site, you develop a group of people familiar and comfortable with what you are offering. This means that they are far nearer to the Point of Purchase (POP) point, then the casual visitor.

There are many ways to engage your visitors with onsite copy, such as creating a resource is a great way to add value for them. Writing engaging blog posts and actively promoting them across social media is a great way to attract new users but offering insight and value is the best way to keep them coming back.


Ponya Content realise the value of brand and customer engagement, which is why our content packages are designed to work closely in alignment with your business. Many copy writer’s focus on keywords and topic, but often fail to bring in the company and what it can truly offer its users.

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