What is The Point of Content Analysis?

In terms of doing content differently, Ponya hangs its hat on comprehensive content analysis and strategy derived from the results. So what is the point of this kind of analysis? How can it aid your business?
By using platforms such as Google Analytics to interpret how users access and subsequently navigate your site, you can pinpoint the pages that are weakest on your site. This is most notable in conversion funnels, where traffic drops off prior to conversion; but it can also be seen by increased exit rate statistics across the site.

If you have a well-established site, allowing a third party (such as Ponya Content) to conduct a content analysis can be very beneficial in terms of a non-emotive audit of your onsite content.
You may have noticed that the meta description of this page is rather conversational; that’s because its serving as a test in terms of content analysis. You see content is often more than you see as a general user of a site.  If you pair the Google search console data with that of Google Analytics, the queries information becomes readily available. This data tells you, the majority (not all since the inhibited nature of GA’s “not provided” came to the fore) of the terms for which your website has garnered impressions for. Further to this, the data also shares the click through rate for these queries, providing the golden opportunity for you to use iterative testing on the SERP appearance of your pages!  Which is the organic equivalent (more or less) of generating your ad copy within the Adwords platform. It is worth noting at this point that Google has no obligation to use your prescribed meta description and can opt instead to pulling content directly from your page.
However, while queries are undoubtable in terms of being an interesting metric for those that participate in services that drive organic traffic, it’s not the only metric to consider.  Factors such as the number of times the page acts as a landing page, the bounce rate of the page and the navigation path from the page of onsite copy are all key factors in a comprehensive content analysis of a website.  If you are looking for a meaningful analysis of content on your website, let us know here.

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