Content Analysis

If you have established the need to create additional content for your website, whether for SEO or user purposes, it can be tricky to consistently come up with ideas for articles that suit. The process of content analysis helps to remove the guess work by using data drawn from your user’s actions on site and in the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs). Information can also be garnered from your competitors to create a fully rounded view of the content requirements of your niche.

While in terms of SEO, content provision will be driven by the predefined keyword choices. Separate content analysis allows for content to be developed beyond simple keywords to cover topics and themes that appeal to your users.

Within the Google Analytics software, there are a number of reports that enable the manner in which users interact with your site. For example, utilising the data from your internal search tool on your site can provide exclusive insight into what exactly your users were looking for. Content can be created to match these needs and provide your users with the information that they are looking for.

In many niches traffic across terms is seasonal and as such our content analysis takes into account seasonal trends for relevant terms. This means that content calendars can be created that provide fresh copy at that point when it is most relevant.

Competitor analysis is a useful tool, as it allows an insight into which content is working across the niche. Indicators such as social media shares and hashtag popularity can be used to identify “hot” topics, which can be incorporated into your copy writing. Allowing you to use the trend to get your information and website in front of a primed audience.


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