Onsite Copy


Onsite Copy

Whether you have a new site or an older one, onsite copy is an important feature. Naturally, it forms the view of your products/services that your users see but it is also seen by the search engines. So, your onsite copy needs to be fresh and relevant, in order to engage all visitors to your site.


Content Analysis Driven

We offer range of onsite content services such as product descriptions, main page text and off page elements such as meta descriptions. We like to base our onsite copy creation on a strong platform of data, drawn from content analysis. This paired with your vision and requirements for the pages creates copy that works for users and search engines.


Search Marketing

The search engine algorithms are looking for copy that is fresh and relevant to the keywords, products or services that you are looking to promote. They are also looking for unique content and that is why investing in custom content for every section of your site will help you stand out in terms of quality. Product descriptions are one of the areas, where many ecommerce websites fail to take advantage of the extra scope to develop unique content. Many leave it to the user comment and reviews sections. By opting to take control of all your onsite copy, you allow more control content to be created.


Ponya Content

As stated we have a range of analysis techniques to generate content plans and assess the potential for change. Title tags and meta description lengths may seem the most riveting content you will have on your website, but it is often what appears in the serps and is therefore the first impression of your website. For more information about how we can work with you to maximise the potential of your onsite copy, click here.