The Role of Meta Descriptions in Website Copywriting

If you are in the loop about the importance of website copywriting for the purpose of generating organic traffic, then you may be interested to find out about the importance of meta descriptions.
While the origins lay in the hyper textual structure of the internet, the usage of meta descriptions have evolved into more of a marketing endeavour. Google began (and largely remains) reliant on Hyper Textual Markup Language (HTML) that website pages are built with. To put an intrinsically complex algorithm into simple terms, Google ‘sees’ websites in terms of text. So if you right click on a page of a website (not on an image mind!) and go down the page source option, you will see what a text driven search engine sees. In the top section of this, you should be able to find the meta description (tip – Ctrl + F helps). In the days of yore (before SEO companies were unleashed) this information was used to give search engines a sense of what the website was about.
However, time has marched on and less attention is paid to that metric, as it is so easily manipulated. So where do meta descriptions fit into modern website copywriting? The answer lies in your Google search console, under impressions.  You see, in the Google Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs), the text below the link is more often than not drawn from the page’s meta description.

meta description

This means that what you write in the meta description, generally becomes the advert for that page. So in terms of website copywriting, your meta descriptions may actually be click bait. To bring this back to the queries data in the search console, that report shows you the Click Through Rate (CTR) for all your positioned pages. This allows you to build a profile of which of your meta descriptions are luring visitors to your site and which aren’t.  Giving you the fantastic opportunity to test variants of this text, in order to maximise the CTR of your website copywriting efforts.
For a full analysis and meta description a-b testing, contact Ponya Content. We offer a data driven solution to your website copy needs; that suits both humans and search engines.

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