Has Twitter Become the Poor Relative of Social Media?

One of my favourite things about the search marketing industry as whole is the room for theory. Social media is one area where this is a constant debate. It’s not that I wouldn’t love to know the answers and be able to deliver all the time, but, for me there always will be a mysticism about the unknown. There are a lot of theories around the role that social media plays in digital marketing as whole.

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Twitter has long been one of the more contested platforms. A few years ago Google and Twitter were so close that live twitter feeds could be found in the SERPs. Then there was the period of no interaction, in which we could say Twitter refused to bend the knee. Back to the present day however, twitter cards now show in the SERPs. Is this a coalition of sorts between Google and Twitter? Perhaps, we just watch too much Game of Thrones?

To bring this back to the focus of the article. There are those that say that Twitter is not the social media powerhouse that it once was. In terms of content marketing, this would make it the poor relative. From a personal level the actual interaction from Twitter output is low against the likes of Stumbleupon, in terms of traffic to the site. Over at Smart Bird Social they have created an amazing infographic about the favourable stats for Twitter. With that data in mind, I can’t help but come to the conclusion that Stumbleupon and Twitter are different tools. Which as a statement is somewhat remarkable. Social media is at a point of diversity that it can follow the social hierarchy of the multicultural world (but that’s a whole other blog post).

While Twitter may have become a platform of disinterested “liking” and “retweeting”, the value of brand is a driver. If you are producing content, then the time cost of including Twitter to your outreach is miniscule. So even if the platform doesn’t generate traffic in the same way as the propagator networks is brand more important than traffic in the conversion battle? Stumbleupon and Bitly may generate traffic but what is the engagement rate? I bet that the bounce is high, as people like or dislike your titles based on their views. While Twitter engagement may be rarer and harder won, I’m not sure that it isn’t quality over quantity. What do you think comment below.

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  1. Thanks for referring to my infographic in your post! Twitter sends a significant amount of traffic to my website and has a massively higher engagement rate for me versus any other social media platform. And the visitors who arrived to our site via Twitter stay a while. With Twitter’s reach and options such as Lists and Advanced Search, the platform is very valuable for businesses and individuals. Plus, it’s open to the public for viewing. There is still a lot to love about Twitter! I enjoyed reading your article, well done!

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