What is SEO Content Writing & Should You be Doing it?

If you own a business in the UK, it is inevitable that you will have received calls touting the benefits of SEO. The observant among you may have noticed a shift in the sales pattern in recent years. Rather than links, links and yet more links, onsite content and content marketing have become the buzzwords. Other than hearing the hefty price tag, you may be left wondering what is SEO content writing? Is it something that your business should be investing in?


SEO Content Writing


The simplest explanation of why you would need this copy is: Google is actively looking for fresh and relevant onsite content. It’s one of the few parts of the algorithm over which the search marketing community at large agree on. While SEO articles are one of the simplest ways of getting content onto your website; creating bespoke product outlines, onsite copy and tailored meta descriptions are also valuable. The key to SEO content writing is the inclusion of the desired keywords, as a basic benchmark, once in every 150 words is more than adequate. The trend in content provision is to limit exact match keywords and instead focus on writing engaging copy that is squarely on target.


Should Your Business Be Writing Content for SEO?


From the viewpoint of someone who has worked in SEO for a long time, the answer is an unequivocal, yes. Creating content that will serve the search engines and engage your visitors is the key. While the likes of Google are focused on what text appears on the page source, your users want information. The simplest way to achieve this is to focus your efforts on generating articles that answer direct questions. Another tip for simplifying your SEO content is to look for “evergreen” content. These are pieces that offer valuable information to users that doesn’t get outdated.

So, if you have come to agree that you need to be writing content to enable your SEO efforts, you may now be thinking about how you are going to squeeze it into your monthly routine. Many small business owners take the stance, that as they know their business best, they can write the content themselves. However, in reality, most find that they are in fact too busy actually conducting their business than writing about it!

This is where the team at Ponya Content can help you. We offer content provision that is based on analysis of your market and at competitive prices. Unlike some our competitors, who churn out copy by the numbers, we are interested in creating content that both reflects and serves your business.

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