Why is Unique Content on Your Website So Important?

Let’s start with the question, why is having unique content on your website so important? Well, there are quite a few very good reasons, with the simplest being that it is what search engines (specifically Google) are looking for. Since the roll out of the first panda update, there has been a constant drive for websites to create unique content that is fresh and relevant to the website. It is this change that has gone a long way improving the general quality of many of the sites that now make the top ten. Admittedly, it’s just one of hundreds of new factors, but in my opinion it’s nice not to fall into an article directory filled with poorly formatted spun content.

Unique Content for a Unique Website

Another huge benefit of investing in bespoke content for your site, is that it actually stands out. Rather than following the herd and producing piece after piece based on a limited number of keywords; imagine creating content that your users will find useful and want to share with their friends/ colleagues? Unique content is the perfect place to let people know why your company is different and the best choice for them.

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If you are currently using the product descriptions, as provided by the supplier, it is likely that you are using prime copy space to add the same content as a number of your competitors. While it can be said that users often buy on price when using online shops, by creating the impression that your online shop is more professional or trustworthy, you could entice them to stop their search and buy from you.

Unique content is also great for making your brand stand out on social media. A “link bait” or catchy title, coupled with a piece that has clears CTAs could be used to attract new users to your website. While they may not convert in the first instance, it increases brand awareness, could aid subscription rates or be used for later remarketing campaigns.

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